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Tournament info

Hi what’s up everyone!

My name is “watch” Japanese melee tournament TO. Struggling to make the community bigger and better!

Today I wrote a Blog about the Tokyo Melee tournament information for everyone who’s interest to coming to Japan and wanna play Melee.



I’m hosting 90% of the Melee tournament at Tokyo so feel free to DM at Twitter to ask me for more info!

Major Tournament: Battle GateWay

Battle GateWay is the biggest tournament in Japan. You could say it’s a major tournament in Japan.  80-120ppl   TO:watch
Not happening every month but  4‐6 times a year at Tokyo Kamata 「Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO
About 30min from Tokyo staition by train , 30min from Haneda Airport by train
Nearest train station  Keikyū Kamata Station (京急蒲田駅)
Address: 1-20-20, Minamikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0035, Japan
Registration is open at Smash.gg
Find more info from Twitter account 

Monthly tournament 天照(Amaterasu)

Amaterasu is a monthly tournament in Tokyo Japan. 60-80ppl Founder: watch
Happening at every month which there’s no Battlegateway at Tokyo Nakameguro 「Just Another
About 30min from Tokyo station by train , 5min from Shibuya station by train
Nearest train station; Naka-Meguro Station (中目黒駅)
Address: Fujiya Building 3F, Kamimeguro 1-3-9, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Registration is open at Smash.gg
Find more info from Twitter account 

Weekly tournaments at Tokyo


Tokyo Board game bar 「Monday night melee」7-14ppl TO:aMSa, watch
Happening at every monday 7pm-11pm
500yen per hour/Free softdrink and Curry rice」 or 「1000yen per hour/free alcohol and softdrink curryrice」
About 4min from Tokyo station10min walk from Akihabara station
Address:  1-4-5, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan
Register is at the venue, tournament starting at 8pm. It’s more like an meet up event.
More info


Just another 「Just another tournament」12-24ppl TO:  watch
Happening at every Thursday 7pm-11pm
Entry fee 1000yen
Same venue as the Amaterasu is
Address: Fujiya Building 5F, Kamimeguro 1-3-9, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Register at the venue, starting at 7pm. More like an tournament Power Ranker often come

Random Tournament

•Liquid Crystal Melee



•Smash Party SUMAPA!

How to contact to the Comunity

In Japan most popular SNS is Twitter so if you want to join meet up or tournament i recomend to make a account!  Asking me at the DM is the fastest way.

We do have a facebook group for Melee but most Japanese Player dosen’t have a account so it’s more like a info sharing group for foreigners but you can get info mation about the weekly and other tournaments Plese join!

Tournaments are mainly streamed at my Twitch channel. Please check out if your interested in!


so thats all from me to giving a easy info for you. I hope it would be a help to find a place to play Melee at Tokyo Japan. I’m wishing that your visit to Japan would be a great time of your life.

Again plese feel free to ask me at Twitter about anything! And it would be nice of you if you follw me at Twitter and RT this Blog to share the info!


See you at the venue!