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Japan has a lot of good place to visit but its difficult for you guys to find out, I will give you a example from my experience.


A Day Packed with Traditional Japanese Food in Yanesen


Sample traditional food in a friendly local shopping district!

Yanesen is the combined name of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi, which spreads across the two districts, Bunkyoku and Taitoku. It is known for its local shopping streets. Enjoy a day strolling around and exploring this area, and sample a variety of delicious traditional street food. You can also visit the beautiful Nezu Shrine and feel the spirits of Japanese Gods.

Yanesen was part of my hometown but there was a lot of new and fun experience! Even a Japanese local people can enjoy walking around the area.


I hope otomo would be one of the good solution to enjoy your stay in Japan more!


Enjoy your tournament,food,stay and sightseeing in Japan! Good luck!